“I should really do something with all those shoeboxes of pictures, slides and negatives.”


We can help with that! Our services include:


  • Scan photos, slides, negatives and albums to create a digital file

  • Transfer digital files to USB drive or an external hard drive

Each digital scanning project is done in-house. 


Your priceless photos, slides, negatives or albums never leave our possession.


Albums are scanned page by page. Our scanner accommodates pages up to 12 x 17. Larger pages are scanned in sections and seamlessly stitched together. 


Photo Albums and Scrapbook pages are scanned in their entirety. If photos are scanned individually, the per photo price will apply in addition to the album page price.





Legacy Photo Services now offers the option of scanning your own photos! This is how it works:


  • Determine your goals - what will you do with your scanned images? Organize? Make gifts? Create Albums?

  • Gather your photos - it's easier if you have them sorted by size. You can organize them later by date, person or category of your choosing.

  • Make sure all photos are clear of adhesives - adhesives will transfer to the scanner causing ugly green streaks on your digital images

  • Appointments are scheduled in one-hour blocks. You may reserve as many hours as you think you will need, but only pay for those you use.

  • Schedule an appointment to scan your photos - we'll be here to get you started and assist you along the way

  • Easy-Peasy!

Click to schedule your personal self-scanning session!


For more information, contact our Certified Photo Manager Teri at: