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Exclusive Services

Photo Organization

Print and Slide Organization

Legacy Photo Services will sort your prints and slides into chronological order. Your memories are stored in archival and labeled boxes.

Photo Albums

Photos can be removed from albums and archivally stored. Albums can be left intact and stored in archival boxes. Our work is customized to meet your legacy needs.

The next step is to digitize (scan) your prints and slides.



Photos, slides, and negatives are digitally preserved for future generations.


  • Scanning projects are done in-house.

  • Media is scanned using industry standards.

  • Identifying information can be embedded to the digital image as metadata.

  • Digital files are transferred to a USB drive or an external hard drive

Photo Albums

For albums, we capture the entire page, individual photos or both.



Photo Restoration

Our photo collections often contain worn, torn, creased, faded, or stained images. These memories are perfect candidates for our digital restoration process. With today's digital technology, the results can be amazing. Just take a look 

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